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Solar Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to making your solar power system work at its best for years, if not decades.

Sunshine CoastSolar can perform all the necessary maintenance services your system needs to ensure peak performance and to extends its lifespan. 

Whether your system needs routine maintenance or special repairs, our team can help you maintain your system’s condition and make sure it’s running to its full potential.

  • Qualified Technicians. Your solar power system will always be in good hands with our insured and CEC-accredited technicians. No matter how big the job may be, you can stay confident knowing that a team of professionals is taking care of your system and implementing the right solutions.

  • Experience. We’re proudly one of the most experienced solar maintenance specialists, This experience allows us to spot issues before they become problematic, preventing some of the most common issues that plague owners.

  • Local Expertise. Our knowledge of state regulations can help you make the right choices for system fixes and upgrades. We also know the most common issues that owners of solar power systems in Queensland face, helping you avoid maintenance and compliance issues in the future.

Call 07 5448 7871 today to get a free quote.  You can also send us a message if you have any questions or enquiries.

Why You Need Solar Maintenance

Solar power systems are extremely reliable, and they’re designed to last for decades. But like most technologies, they still need to be inspected regularly to ensure maximum output efficiency.

Here’s what professional solar maintenance can do for your system:

  • Identify issues – Professional maintenance can spot problems on your system and provide fixes for them, even the ones that aren’t noticeable outside. Our technicians can also advise you on compliance matters, ensuring that your system complies with industry regulations.

  • Clean system – Not only will we make sure that your system’s parts work properly, we’ll also clean them so that they’ll look like new. And it’s not just for aesthetics reasons – dirty solar panels can cause up to a 15% loss in performance, so a clean system can ensure better production.

  • Performance check – All mechanical systems degrade over time, but our maintenance checks ensure your system isn’t failing or decreasing in output more than it should be. We’ll conduct thorough performance checks and compare it with your system’s estimated output based on its size, configuration and age.

  • Safety check. Another important part of our solar maintenance is to check for any faults or loose connections that can easily cause a fire. Safety should always be a priority in any system, and we’ll make sure yours meets the industry’s safety standards.

  • Upgrade options – Our comprehensive maintenance service will reveal opportunities for system upgrades that can improve its performance and longevity.

Our 8-Point Service Check

At Surnshine Coast Solar, we use a comprehensive 8-Point Service check to make sure your solar power system is in excellent condition, both inside and out.

  1. Cleaning/Checking of panels. Ensures that the mid/end clamps are tight and secure.

  2. Checking actual KWh output against expected figures. Compares your system’s current output with what it should be generating based on different factors.

  3. Checking tilt kits and framing integrity. Ensures they are free from damage and corrosion.

  4. Checking all plugs and sockets connections. Makes sure they’re all clean and free from corrosion (mc4 connections).

  5. Checking all wiring for damage and compliance. 

  6. Checking junction boxes and roof penetrations. Ensures they are watertight, with no water ingress.

  7. Checking functionality and polarity of all switches & circuit breakers.

  8. Detailed reporting. Provides details of all issues identified, including any minor or major non-compliance that we can fix upon approval.

Professional Solar Maintenance

Looking for a reliable and trusted solar maintenance service for your system?

Sunshine Coast Solar offers professional solar maintenance , helping private and commercial clients make sure their systems are in top condition. We offer maintenance packages that will ensure that your system is safe, clean and producing power to its maximum capacity.

Whether your system has been around for just a few months or a few decades, our technicians will see to it that it’s running as well as it should. We provide regular solar maintenance packages as well as special maintenance and repairs for old and new systems.

Get a free quote today by calling 07 5448 7871. You can also contact us if you need more information.

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